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The Royal Square, Plaza del Rey

The Royal Square

The Royal Square, Barcelona (Plaza del Rey) was built in the area of residence of the Lords of the city. The place is in the heart of the Gothic Quarter.

The square contains three buildings built between 1359 and 1370, including Tinell Hall (Salon del Tinell), for which King Pedro the Ceremonial (Pedro el Ceremonioso) hired Guillermo Carbonell, one of the most prominent artists of the time.

Another of the buildings of Kings Square is the Chapel of St Agatha (CapillaPalatina de Santa Agata), built in 1302, in which hangs a portrait of Pedro of Portugal, a creation of the great artist Jaime Huguet.

Finally, the defining building of the Royal Square, Lloctinen Palace (Palacio del Lloctinen) was built in 1549, on the orders of King Carlos I.

The Square of the Kings is a meeting place for lots of different people, including street musicians, locals, and tourists, either with a guide or alone. Everybody shares the aim of enjoying a nice time in the pleasant surroundings of these beautiful, ancient buildings.

Many consider this to be one of the most beautiful places in Barcelona, even compared with the rest of the Gothic Quarter and the former Royal Palace.

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